Foundation Training

Please know and understand.


The 2021, prerequisites and training requirements for I-ACT Certification will change.


Information posted on this page will be updated soon.


We are very excited you have contacted us for information about our Colon Hydrotherapy School and certification trainings. With 44 years experience and 22 years teaching colon hydrotherapy, and voted Instructor of The Year 2016-17our knowledge of the body and experience with the device is extensive, the work we facilitate in our school and the manner by which we teach and mentor students is unprecedented.


We believe 2021 will be an expanding and successful time for everyone.

Note: dates for training, tuition fees, models fees, and all other information on this page and website is subject to change without notice.  However, our curriculum remains intact and follows the January 14, 2021, I-ACT Approved Syllabus for the Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Training (previously Level 1 and Level 2), and Level 3, and 4 Trainings.  Please review, know and understand all I-ACT requirements for certification, this School's policies, agreements and refund policy, and all other information before entering into an agreement here or with any other colon hydrotherapy instructor, school or therapist.

Please verify the legitimacy of this School, Instructors, and our I-ACT membership and NBCHT credentialing please contact the executive director for I-ACT, Dick Hoenninger at (210) 366-2888.

James' experience.

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