Colon Hydrotherapy

James Allred has significant knowledge, understanding and experience having developed and practiced How to do BodyWork for Colon Hydrotherapy on The Whole-Body for 43 years. He is Certified by I-ACT and is NBCHT Credentialed. James is given the award I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor 2016-17, and has taught colon hydrotherapy for 21 years with his Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic and School in Boulder, CO.

In our Boulder Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic we provide exceptional colon hydrotherapy, the parlance for Colonics Boulder.  Synonyms include: colonic; colonic irrigation; colonic hydrotherapy; colon therapy.  Please read more about Colon Function.

We facilitate unprecedented empirical hands-on Colon Hydrotherapy Foundation Training and Therapist Training.

Colon hydrotherapy is a means to administer pressure regulated and temperature controlled water into the lumen to eliminate the contents of the bowel, according to the definition of the FDA, Code of Federal Regulations Title 21. Here is a simple description of What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Our Closed and Open Systems are FDA registered, Class 2, which makes our Colon Hydrotherapy both safe and legal, and we only provide medical grade disposable plastic and one-time use kits. There are many advantages to the Closed System Device.  We also provide Colon Hydrotherapy sessions and Training using the Angel Of Water, a Class 2 true gravity Open System.

Our staff is in compliance with Colorado State laws and the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act. We are not physicians according to the CO Disclosure Statement.

"Madeline Angelus told me that I would get better; I got better. James Allred told me I would get better; I got even better. Medical doctors and Gastroenterologist told me that I would not get better." Please read this Boulder success story below on Casey’s Blog.