The fundamentals of our Boulder Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinic are: Provide proper education to the client of how the body functions; options for you of what to do to establish a foundation of true health; offering each client support as they assume responsibility towards change; and a distinctive Colon Hydrotherapy Session.

Having 41 years of extensive experience and unprecedented knowledge, and voted I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor of The Year 2016-17, call now for your appointment with James Allred.

Your session time is 75 minutes, beginning at 10:30AM, going every 90 minutes with the last session beginning at 6PM, Monday - Friday, some Saturdays but not Sunday, is $98.00 for all cards or checks.  A discount is offered for cash.

Conveniently located at VISTA 1750 30th Street #35, Boulder 80301. The main cross street is Canyon, 1 traffic light north of Arapahoe. On 30th Street, we are before Jiffy Lube and next to Best Buy, opposite of Coin Laundry and the King Soopers.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Your private Colon Hydrotherapy Session includes:

  • A review of your past and current health and Intake Form with screening for contraindications;
  • Clarification of operations and functions of the Aqua-Cleanse and Dotolo Closed System, and the Angel Of Water Open System, all Class 2 equipment;
  • Answering your questions within the scope of my abilities and practice;
  • And education of basic anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract.

You will actively participate in the session, while practicing simple principles related to the mechanics and functions of the complete body which affect the large intestine. This colon hydrotherapy session is tailored to You.  My work is always unique, and is progressive and accumulative. Our vessel is constantly changing as does the work I facilitate by providing specific and extensive BodyWork to the whole soma throughout the colon hydrotherapy session.

Together, we address "Why the body holds and the colon won't release" as quoted by Donna Gates on June 11, 2003, in Los Angeles, which is followed with a question and answer period after the session. Feedback about the session will be available for your personal consideration based on how your body responds to my work which also includes the topics and information shared between us.

If you prefer a female therapist, please contact

Madeline Angelus (303) 243-4303

Madeline's Intake Form

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Colorado Disclosure Statement: If you're seeking colon hydrotherapy anywhere in the state of Colorado, please be aware of SB13-215.  As of June 5, 2013, Colorado law requires each colon hydrotherapist be a member of and be certified by I-ACT to practice Colon Hydrotherapy ... Read More