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I feel very fortunate to have gone through colon hydrotherapy training with James Allred and Madeline Angelus.  They taught with kindness and sincerity to set me on a path to success.  The amount of knowledge they both possess is very impressive.  They each shared knowledge, experience and information freely which I know I could not have learned anywhere else.

Not only did I learn more than I had anticipated about my new colon hydrotherapy profession but I also learned a great deal about how amazing a creation the body is.  In addition, I received the wonderful bonus of becoming much more aware of my own body and participating in the process of change I did not know was possible in a short three week period.  With the help of James and Madeline, my health, body, and understanding about my past and present health made a substantial shift which is greater than what I tried to accomplish on my own this past year.

A heartfelt Thank you to both James and Madeline!


A live radio show from a past student and now I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist.



My experience with James Allred and his unique gift to facilitate Colon Hydrotherapy is truly amazing.

I have had many Colonics in Boulder with those who claim to be highly trained and experienced therapists over the last several years and none equaled the session I had with James.  I felt a clearing and a deep healing of not only my colon and organs but also my heart.  My session with James Allred was some of the most intense emotional and spiritual work I've experienced over the past 20 years.

James has a rare gift to go beyond the seemingly physical conditions and tap into the emotional issues that lay trapped in the body and cellular memory.  By helping his clients uncover potential emotional trigger points, James helps to unblock the body's ability to release on a physical level and what is more important, on an emotional and spiritual level.

James connects with his clients in a profound way.  During my colonic session with James, I felt unconditionally loved, respected and appreciated, a rare experience indeed.  James Allred has the uncanny ability to provide a safe environment needed for deep healing.

As a Colon Hydrotherapist, I look forward to attending Advanced Colonic Techniques School with James. His integrity, caring and deep commitment to teaching those who are attracted to his work will learn what has taken James a lifetime of studying, working with many people and his own processing.

I highly recommend this experience to everyone, and for those of you who are Colon Hydrotherapists; your life will never be the same after learning colon hydrotherapy with James Allred.

Thank you, James.

Madeline Angelus, M.A.

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Practitioner, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Instructor.



As a student my training with James.

James Allred has a profound understanding of the human body.  His attention to detail is truly impressive, and I consider him a master of his craft.  He clearly has a gift for working with people.  James is highly perceptive and caring.  He inspires people around him to be the best version of themselves and offers guidance in a clear and digestible manner.

I researched numerous other colon hydrotherapy trainings and I chose to train with James because I was impressed by how comprehensive and thorough his training was.  His work is science based, as well as grounded in a strong commitment to an individual’s highest personal growth.  James challenged me along the way to constantly improve myself not only as a colon hydrotherapist, but as an individual.

He is sharp, perceptive, and committed to the work he does.  His passion for colon hydrotherapy is contagious.  I learned more in 100 hrs of training with James than I did in my masters level anatomy and physiology course.  He is a knowledgeable and patient teacher.

His training is hands on.  Not only did I give over 25 guided sessions, but I was able to receive sessions so I could really integrate the experience in my body on a cellular level.  I grew on both a personal and professional level during the training.  I learned practical practice management strategies, techniques for working with clients, and received a deep understanding of the mechanics of not only the human body but also the colon hydrotherapy device and how they can interplay.

James taught me to do colon hydrotherapy in a gentle yet powerful way.  He showed me how to work with my client’s body and create connection so they felt safe and supported.  I was fortunate enough to experience a significant emotional and physiological shift in just one colon hydrotherapy session with James, which only inspired me more to do this work because I know what is possible now.

James’ commitment to excellence and desire to share his knowledge is rare.  I would strongly recommend studying with James if you want to learn the true potential of colon hydrotherapy as a tool not only for the physical body, but for emotional and personal growth.

Emily Rosen

Nutritional Consultant and Director of Operations for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Psychology of Eating


Tremendous Experience.

I took James Allred's I-ACT certification course in the Fall of 2010.  The 100 hour training course was split between two weeks with a week break in between.  James’ instruction covered much more than I would have ever imagine a colon hydrotherapy course would cover.

Not only did James push me beyond my perceived comfort zone of my skills and technique, but really sought to explore the limit of my emotional capacity so that I could apply it to colonics and establish a connection with the client.  He brought out deep emotions that at times, I was not ready to express.  I laughed, I cried, and I got angry.

At first, I didn't think it was productive use of time and felt it was akin to boot camp, but then it all came together over the length of the course, that James was teaching us the most valuable lesson: Have passion in your trade, and your technique will grow exponentially.

James is no doubt, a very dedicated and passionate colon hydrotherapist with tremendous experience and an excellent instructor.  He shows tremendous compassion at times, and is a like a grumpy old sensei/Jedi master during other times.

I learned more than I ever thought I would from James Allred.  I look forward to applying my knowledge at my center.  Thanks James for raising the limit, not only of my knowledge of course material, but of myself.

Thanks, James!


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Colorado Disclosure Statement: If you're seeking colon hydrotherapy anywhere in the state of Colorado, please be aware of SB13-215.  As of June 5, 2013, Colorado law requires each colon hydrotherapist be a member of and be certified by I-ACT to practice Colon Hydrotherapy ... Read More