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So, off I went back to California to find a Colon Hydrotherapist.  I found a fairly new colon therapist in Huntington Beach, CA and had 6 sessions.  Went back to the doctor and he re-tested me (Iridology) and told me that I was still very congested, and needed to continue to cleanse my colon.  So I made the decision to do the 15 colonics within 5 weeks.

For my 10th colonic I was highly recommend to go see James Allred in Los Angeles, so off to see James I went.  He was very professional, caring and educational, even made an exception to see me on Saturday.  After getting me all set up on the colonic table and beginning my session, he very gently suggested that I say out load,"I don't need this relationship any more", my eyes got really big, because he knew nothing of my life, nothing of my past, at that moment I knew that he was being led by a higher source.

He could tell that I was surprised by his words, but he proceeded to encourage me to trust the process and I did.  As I repeated the words that he encouraged me to say my tears began to flow, sometimes you can hold back the tears and compose yourself,  but this was nothing like that, it was an overflow of emotions that had been opened up.  But what surprised me the most was that as the tears flowed, an abundance of poop began to flow in the colonic tube (remember this was my 10th colonic) so you would have thought that I was pretty clean already.

As my session continued, James continued to do body work on me to encourage my body to relax, he then said, "you have been holding some of these emotions since you were a little girl", when he said this I began whaling.  Again, I was so surprised because he did not know any of my childhood history.  At that moment my poop release got even stronger & darker it was like rubber coming out of me.  It was awful!.  James made sure that I saw what was coming out.  I remember saying to him, "I don't think that is coming out of me", but he reassured me it was coming out of me.  And today as a colon therapist I know that the only waste that passes in the colonic hose is what is coming out from the client.

After that session I felt like a wet noodle, I had released not only physically, but had released emotionally and spiritually.  I truly believe that it was during this colonic session that I had an integration of body, mind and spirit.  I believe that it was at that moment that my Colon Hydro Therapist profession began.

July 2, 2016


The best decision I have ever made for my health and wellbeing is having colon hydrotherapy sessions with James Allred.  James' knowledge, understanding and intelligence about the whole human system - body, mind, emotion, spirit - allows him to truly speak to my entirety of what is going on, inside and out.

I recently moved to Boulder from New York City where I was living the past twelve years.  I was referred to James by my NYC colon therapist.  I looked into several other therapist in Boulder as well, but something larger than myself was drawing me to James.  I have been to many colon therapists in my 10+ years of getting colonics, but no one provides the work James Allred facilitates.

I am blessed to be working with him.  Thank you James.


I sincerely hope you will experience Colon Hydrotherapy with James Allred.  How he facilitates colonic irrigation is the cutting-edge of his profession, without a doubt.  His work is far beyond any therapy I’ve experienced, and I highly recommend you have Colon Hydrotherapy with James.  I’ve seen many practitioners but this was incredible.  His work will change your life!

My serious dental surgeries, recovery from a hip dislocation and chronic lower back pain from a car accident has created some extreme health challenges.  After researching everyone in the area and reading their website I found James Allred; what an amazing find.

I want you to know first hand about James.  The session was professionally administered, I was totally comfortable and fully relaxed the entire time.  The effects were far above anything expected.  I was lucidly aware of my breathing and my body, and felt very grounded and peaceful.  It has been several days now and I remain pain free, feeling fantastic, pleasantly calm, and clear.


I found James Allred to be holistic and gentle in his colon hydrotherapy approach.  He has a relaxed, attentive bedside manner, and helped me feel completely comfortable with what I thought could be a potentially awkward procedure.

After two visits in a week, my digestion and elimination symptoms went away for two months. I went once more, and the symptoms went away for six months.  I have experienced vast improvements and now understand how stressors (holding tension in my body and over thinking) effects me.

James isn't here to fix something which is not really broken, but to facilitate a process of education and change towards a foundation of true health and real happiness.


Working with James Allred has empowered me to live a much healthier lifestyle and I have established the tools necessary to do so.  I highly recommend him.

I came to James a few years ago after a previous colon therapist moved away from Boulder. I’ve been getting colonics for many years and have seen a total of 7 colon hydrotherapists throughout the U.S and Mexico.

Coming to James was a surprise and an experience like I've never had before. While previous colonics were adequate, after a few days, I would go back to eating poorly and feeling lousy.  I was in a never ending cycle - it seems now everything I was doing then was only putting a Band-Aid on the issue. With James all that changed. He doesn’t just give a colonic but brings light to a much big picture which addresses the entire lifestyle. His skill as a bodyworker has helped me understand that just rubbing the belly during the colonic does not really do anything towards a lasting change. He approaches the whole system in an very simple and integrated way.


Casey's success story with Crohn's Disease

"Madeline Angelus told me that I would get better; I got better.  James Allred told me I would get better; I got even better.  Medical doctors and Gastroenterologist told me that I would not get better."



James Allred taught me foundational tools which helped me to discover myself and prepared me for a life that I didn't even know was possible.  My body changed shape and size.  I'm healthy and better than I could have ever imagined.  I look 10 years younger than my chronological age and I can't even remember the last time that I was sick.  During my Colon Hydrotherapy sessions, sometimes I cried and other times I laughed, but I always felt safe.

Thank you, James Allred, for being an amazing teacher, friend and brilliant Colon Hydrotherapist.  If you just want the most amazing Colonic of your life, James Allred can deliver that.  However, if you want more out of your life – it is available to those who are willing to do the work.  I know – I did it!


James Allred is a very unique and interesting man who brings to his work - from his own life's experiences and training - a great deal of understanding, wisdom, kindness and great love for everyone who works with him.

James is book smart, street smart and no-nonsense.  He is clear about his role in your work, and makes clear what your role is.  He does not do for you.  He guides you towards seeing more clearly what you can do for yourself.  James does this without judgments, and with great empathy.  He is a good listener, a clear speaker and highly professional.  His office is clean, sterile and comfortable which are all very important.

Most will go into their first Colon Hydrotherapy session with anxiety and fear; I know I did.  James made me feel safe to voice my fears and assured me that I was not alone in my concerns.  He is patient and understanding and has a great sense of humor which is very important to me.

His background - both personally and professionally - brings the kind of experience you expect to find in someone twice his age.  James takes his work very personally and brings a truly holistic approach to a practice that most others view only as a colonic.  I have cried on his table, I have laughed, I have learned, and I have changed.

I highly recommend James Allred and his practice of Colon Hydrotherapy.


My health practitioner suggested Colon Hydrotherapy.  James Allred is an Instructor so I thought he would be a good choice.  I was not disappointed; in fact I have been very pleased.  The first thing James taught me was the importance of breathing, and chewing my food.  I have incorporated those practices which have made a positive impact.  As for the sessions, they are like nothing that I have experienced with previous practitioners.  He has an innate sense and my sessions with James Allred have been miraculous!


From the very first session, James Allred taught me correct breathing and about the nervous system and their effects on digestion and elimination.  James is an uncommonly skilled and thorough colon hydrotherapy practitioner – the best I've experienced.

I've received numerous colonics from well-known clinics in the Los Angeles area between 2006-2009 and though they have been adequate, none of them employ the intelligent holistic approach that James incorporates.  Simple and basic principles have improved my bodies function to a progressively healthier manner.  Because he doesn't just provide a colonic but addresses the whole system with great skill, honesty and professionalism, I would recommend James Allred to anyone seeking the best for themselves.


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Colorado Disclosure Statement: If you're seeking colon hydrotherapy anywhere in the state of Colorado, please be aware of SB13-215.  As of June 5, 2013, Colorado law requires each colon hydrotherapist be a member of and be certified by I-ACT to practice Colon Hydrotherapy ... Read More