People have a wide variety of motives for Colonics in Boulder.  Synonyms for colon hydrotherapy, the parlance, may include: Colonic, Colon Irrigation, and Colon Therapy.
Most advertisements and language is not in context and claim, suggest, or imply: colon cleansing, colon cleanse, colon cleaning, colon flush, colonic cleanse, or detoxification.  All of these are misnomers and are essentially false; by definition these terms are misleading, deceptive and not accurate.  Always Think outside the Colon.
Gut flora in the large intestine contains bacteria and microorganisms which is estimated to be approximately the total number of all body-cells times ten, and may be as high as to the thirteenth power; equal to approximately 2 ~ 6 pounds or greater.
The erroneous practice of colon-healing, founded on assumed notions and concepts of cleaning the large intestine are temporary, offering false-hope.  Accepting these practices as substantial and adequate for significant change or improvement of the large intestine and body is absurd.
Deficient education of some colon hydrotherapists and the general public is responsible for our ignorance and has diluted the importance of the large intestine and proper colon health.  A general lack of understanding correct physiology and the processes within the alimentary tract, our nervous and endocrine systems, and the body as a whole, has allowed us to become negligent.
Always consult a Medical Doctor first; never attempt to diagnose self or others based on symptoms.
Unfortunately, there are far greater misconceptions regarding these topics by specialists who write about colonics, or by those who say it's dangerous and bad for you, and in some cases by others who claim to be knowledgeable about my profession but never experienced colon hydrotherapy.
General information posted across the entire Internet, and almost every website, and numerous publications assert, erroneously claiming:
old fecal matter sticks to the colon walls;
accumulated debris in the colon can weight between 5 ~ 45+ pounds;
encrusted material in the colon is the cause of constipation;
colon hydrotherapy is an exercise that will make the colon muscles strong;
the colon will be repositioned;
the colon is filled with parasites;
the colon is the sewer-system of the body filled with toxins;
and a colonic will clean the colon by removing all of the above;
as a panacea colon hydrotherapy will improve your well-being;
and, you will also lose weight.
In my opinion, this subject is well documented and I accept the ideas and beliefs of others as speculation and assumptions.  Logic and physiology do not always go together.  Such bad information being regurgitated demonstrates people have not taken the time to ask questions and think for themselves, or their facts and information are not in the correct context.
Through my personal experience, extensive study and training, and understanding of more than three decades, I believe many colon hydrotherapists do not comprehend the full spectrum and potential of this modality.  Maybe it's their lack of training and education in physiology; possibly the therapist does not thoroughly understanding the Class 2 FDA registered device (none are approved), or maybe the therapist has not done enough work on self.
Some believe large amounts of water are necessary during the session.  Their idea is - the more water in, the more waste out.  This method does not guarantee optimal results and often is uncomfortable.
If the large intestine is approximately the circumference of your index finger touching the first thumb knuckle and its length is from wrist to wrist with your arms stretched out, how much water can your large intestine accommodate comfortably?
In our Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic in Boulder, during the session we use small amounts of water and introduced very slowly which proves most effective, gently encouraging distention of the large intestine which is not beyond the large intestine's natural ability to expand.  A natural responding contraction, intestinal motility, moves the material through the entire lumen.
Measured no more than .25 or 1/4 pound per square inch provides for a comfortable experience.  The difference being my work addresses the Mechanics and Functions of the Soma verses the water doing the work.  In comparison to the typical home or hospital enema, the first common error is the rate at which the water enters the body, measured about 2 ~ 2.5 pounds per square inch and often much greater.  The second mistake is the volume of water which may be as much as several quarts.
Relaxation is crucial and an experienced and I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist will provide an environment that is pleasant, warm, quiet and safe for the client.  By tendency we allow self to be influenced by a variety of outside stressors.  These may include: thinking too much; juggling 19-balls; work and money; relationships; dietary habits; not tasting our food or eating when we should; not drinking plain water, and a lack of rest which is not sleep, etc.
Under stress the sympathetic nervous system is dominating which manifests as thinking and reacting; both digestion and elimination is compromised.  Stressors are known to be the foremost offender towards having regular bowel movements.
Please contact me if you have questions, or if your experience is something different.  I would like to learn from you.

Colorado Disclosure Statement: If you're seeking colon hydrotherapy anywhere in the state of Colorado, please be aware of SB13-215.  As of June 5, 2013, Colorado law requires each colon hydrotherapist be a member of and be certified by I-ACT to practice Colon Hydrotherapy ... Read More