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The Intake Form provides basic health information.  Please know and understand your personal and health information is never shared or made public, and we follow all HIPAA privacy rules.

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Location - CROSSROADS EAST  VISTA  1750 30th Street #35 Boulder 80301

According to the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act (below), The State of Colorado requires us as Colon Hydrotherapist to inform each client:

There is no Medical Physician here at this facility;

We are only Certified by I-ACT and Credentialed by the NBCHT as a Colon Hydrotherapist;

We are not medical doctors;

We strongly encourage you to have, or establish, a working relationship with a Medical Physician.

This disclosure statement (especially the bottom of page 5 and and the top of page 6), informs you of these facts, and what we can and cannot do.


Notice Designed to Comply with the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act as promulgated in SB13-215 signed into Colorado law on June 5, 2013 

James S. Allred, Inc. - Advanced Colonic Techniques Clinic and School 

Colon Hydrotherapy services provided at this center comply with the Colorado Health Freedom Act.  Before seeking colon hydrotherapy, we recommend you seek the advice of your healthcare provider or primary care physician.  In compliance with this act, we must advise you: 

A) There are no licensed physicians at this center and the individual performing colon hydrotherapy is only a colon hydrotherapist, they are not a physician.  This means and implies that they cannot and will not:

(1) Perform surgery or any other invasive procedure, including a procedure that requires entry into the body through skin, puncture, mucosa, incision, of other intrusive method; (2) Administer or prescribe X-ray radiation to another person; (3) Prescribe, administer, inject, dispense, suggest, or recommend a prescription of or legend drug or controlled substance or device identified in the Federal “Controlled Substance Act” 21 U.S.C. Sec 801 Et Seq., as amended; (4) Use general of spinal anesthetics other than topical anesthetics; (5) Use a laser device that punctures the skin, incises the body, or is otherwise used as an invasive instrument; (6) Practice midwifery; (7) Practice psychotherapy; (8) Perform spinal adjustment, manipulation, of mobilization; (9) Provide Optometric Procedures or interventions that constitute the practice of optometry; (10) Directly administer medical protocols to a pregnant woman or to a client who has cancer; (11) Treat a child who is under the legal adult age of eighteen years; (12) Provide dental procedures or interventions that constitute the practice of dentistry; (13) Set fractures; (14) Practice or represent that he is practicing massage therapy or providing deep stroking muscle tissue of the human body; (15) Provide a conventional medical disease diagnosis to a client; (16) Recommend the discontinuation of a course of care including a prescription drug that was recommended or prescribed by a health care professional; (17) Hold oneself out as or indicate, advertise, or imply to a client or prospective client that he is a physician, surgeon, or both, or that he is a health care professional who is licensed, certified, or registered by the state: (B) Colon Hydrotherapy is an elective alternative or complementary to the healing arts services licensed by the state; (C) The services of Colon Hydrotherapy and the Therapist that provide the services are not licensed by the state of Colorado; (D) The session of colon hydrotherapy includes the following procedures: (1) The client will insert and retract the speculum; (2) Warm (temperature and pressure controlled) water will flow into the colon softening the fecal material which will be released through normal peristalsis into the sewer; (3) Your dignity and modesty will be maintained always; (4) The session will last approximately 30-45 minutes; (5) I do have professional liability insurance specific to colon hydrotherapy. (E) The theory of treatment upon which colon hydrotherapy is more historical and intuitive than scientific as there have not been any studies (allowed) to validate the effectiveness of this modality. However, good sense indicates hydration of the body through the large intestine can enhance the health of the individual. This started thousands of years ago with the simple enema and has evolved into the present day colonic. Many people simply report they feel better after a colonic, maybe due to hydration by osmosis or the release of the bowel contents. On the other hand, there is a growing number of health care practitioners that some believe in the idea of autointoxication, that a sluggish bowel allows the body to reabsorb toxins from the colon. This theory may or may not have validity depending on who you listen to, but we know there is an increased level of toxins in our environment and logic tells us that anything we can do to assist the body in ridding itself of toxins should and does have some value.

I have been trained by I-ACT and follow the I-ACT Guidelines, Policies and Procedures. I am NBCHT Credentialed, #0149, and I am an I-ACT Member, #F-JA990120, in good standing and currently Certified by I-ACT at the INSTRUCTOR LEVEL for 24 years, and have practiced for 47 YEARS.  You may validate this information by checking with the I-ACT Office at (210) 366-2888.


Colorado Disclosure Statement: If you're seeking colon hydrotherapy anywhere in the state of Colorado, please be aware of SB13-215.  As of June 5, 2013, Colorado law requires each colon hydrotherapist be a member of and be certified by I-ACT to practice Colon Hydrotherapy ... Read More