As a child growing up I remember some very important conversations that did not occur.  One subject was my body including going to the bathroom which was never explained.  Imitating my broken role models did not provide correct and safe knowledge to live by.  I have observed their ideals and beliefs to be projected onto me and the next generations, often with no one asking questions of how or why.
Having survived life and learned much along the way, I’m amazed to witness the dearth of proper education fed to all; even worse, the public still following the authorities - including those in my profession, never questioning what they hear.
There are common threads between each client seen at our Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic in Boulder.  First: Proper respiration, people generally do not know how to breathe; Second: The lack of understanding how the body functions; Third: Most people do not have daily, regular, or complete bowel movements.
Constipation is not something people talk about at the dinner table yet alone share with others, and is frequently misunderstood.  There are immense components contributing to constipation, just as are there various types of constipation including; infrequency, failure to pass stool or gas, and fecal impaction.
Considering proper physiology or how the body functions, stressors are well documented as a primary offender towards constipation.  A stressor is any event or experience that is perceived as threat or unmanageable challenge to the individual and can be either physical, emotional, or psychological.  Researchers generally classify the different types of stressors into three categories: crises, major life events, and daily hassles.
However, other factors are equally important to constipation: dehydration, deceased physical activity, metabolic conditions, hormonal imbalance, side effects of medication, poor eating habits, trauma, and the voluntary withholding of stool in public, etc.
If you have a known medical condition or think you could have a medical condition, please consult a medical physician.  Do not attempt to diagnosis and treat yourself or others.
Constipation is a medical term and diagnosis, often considered or believed to be a symptom.  Expressions of incomplete, difficult, or irregular bowel movement are common descriptions that people may use to communicate the same condition manifesting in diverse forms.  The typical treatment offered for constipation is laxative, intended to alleviate the symptom by addressing the stool as if feces is the problem, without considering its root cause within the body and nervous system, diet, respiration, etc.
I believe constipation is not the affect which must be addressed.  I agree the importance to curtail the content of the bowel is essential.  However, having the basic understanding of why you have become constipated is probably more important.  What are you willing to do differently so you do not to return to this condition?
Diet appears to always be the first topic most associated with health and constipation, accepted publicly, and is completely valid: not enough fiber, environmental pollutants and chemicals, GE or GMO and processing, etc.  Yes, what you eat is important.
Moreover, I believe how you eat is crucial.  What good is consuming the best organic foods, or praying over the food and then devouring it like an animal?  During a meal people do not engage the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) and do not comprehend its importance.  We know of digestion, absorption, and elimination but how about secretions and their importance to defecation?  Secretions occur through the entire alimentary tract from the mouth to include the large intestine, sometimes referred to as the colon.
Everyone knows about chewing food, yet this can be challenging.  Do you understand the significance of engaging the cranial nerves (PNS) while tasting the bolus?  What about the importance of swallowing and its relationship to motility?  Before you begin a meal the PNS has already become active as does the cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, and medulla.
To keep this conversation in context, the stressors are the affect or cause while the effect or result could be constipation or incomplete bowel movement, and possibly many other health challenges.
Constipation and its related symptoms are not true indicators for Colon Hydrotherapy.  Absolutely yes, proper Colon Hydrotherapy is potentially beneficial, if one considers physiology.  However, the Colonic itself is not adequate for fundamental change.
Contrasting colon hydrotherapists have somehow become convinced a buildup of old residue sticks to the bowel wall and is the cause and source of constipation, thus their motive for Colon Hydrotherapy.  I say logic and physiology do not always go together.  To me this has a similar appearance of looking only at the symptom and not the root.
True health is much like becoming mature.  Observe old habits and broken thinking which no longer serve their original purpose and eliminate them.  Taking personal responsibility means, "to practice and learn to sustain that which makes you happy and keeps you well," and what is proper for where you are in your growth and development.
My life’s intention and purpose is educating those who desire to know their truth.  The manner in which I teach and mentor is through and by experience, actively participating with the peripheral nervous system, the same way my teachers taught and mentored me forty years ago.
How I facilitate Colon Hydrotherapy addresses the Mechanics and Functions of our soma.  By engaging how the PNS operates and processes sensory input through the Somatic (SoNS), I am convinced the body and mind can truly be reprogrammed.  The Autonomic (ANS) and Enteric (ENS) are subdivisions of the PNS with the nervous systems being vital to homeostasis.  The PNS has direct control over digestion and elimination.
During my forty-seven years experience in the profession of Colon Hydrotherapy, I have witnessed Colonics to have the greatest potential in educating and to assist people on many levels, if one considers the eleven systems of the Body as a whole, and thinks outside of the Colon.
I hope others will become educated towards physiology, understanding that getting the poo out is not the real purpose or goal for Colon Hydrotherapy, at least not for me.  Rather, correct education of the client is essential if we are to truly serve others.
Through extensive research and my best knowledge, this information is correct; I am not a physician.  If you find error here or have comments, I would enjoy hearing from you.
James' experience.
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